Winter Queen (Short Story)

Pricilla woke in the heart of Winter’s night, as she so often did. The room was quiet, the curtains over the open window still. Slipping from the bed, she stood on frost covered tiles, her breath hanging in the air. A smile touched her lips and she murmured an incantation which brought her cloak from the wardrobe to rest across her shoulders. Reaching up, she drew the hood over her head and locked the catch at her throat. Turning she looked at her reflection in the mirror which stood in the corner. The cloak was ermine and trimmed with arctic fox, the hood large enough to easily cover her features, the clasp a celtic knot picked out in silver.


A laugh escaped her lips, it wasn’t the outside which mattered. After all, she was unaffected by the cold and she couldn’t have cared less who might see her without all the trappings she wore at court… including those ridiculous gowns. No, it was the inside. Embroidered with silver thread onto which a dozen spells had been cast during their making. Forgetfulness, confusion, misdirection, and various protections from spell and blade. Wearing this she could wonder the halls to her content and none would be the wiser. Well, except for a very elite few and she had placed her life into their hands long ago. 


She slipped from her chambers, being sure to reset the wards and walked past her guards without a hint of notice. Her smile returned, word of her wanderings would have passed through the ranks the instant she opened the door.


She slipped noiselessly through chamber and hall, moving ever downward with a determined pace which faltered only once she neared her destination. 


If not for the magic which infused the very stones of the palace, she would have found herself standing in a hall black as the blackest night. Even being attuned with the mountain of granite around her, this place still seemed draped in shadow and mystery. Stepping forward a pace, a door bound in dead iron silently closed behind her. Twenty paces ahead the hall ended in a second door. This seeming fashioned from a single piece of flawless onyx, its surface carved with undulating figures and symbols. She didn’t focus on them, to do so would have brought madness, even to one such as her.


Instead she drew herself up to her full height, shoulders back, spine ramrod straight. She drew a steadying breath and called one word into the fore of her thoughts.




It seemed to slither from her lips, a mist as cold as the grave its self, moving through the air of its own accord, a sensual writhing which moved forward until it touched the door, slowly spreading across the surface in keeping with its insane movements until it covered the whole, becoming one with it.



There was no warning, no sound. One moment the door was closed, the next open. 

Ugandan court scraps anti-LGBTQ law


Unfortunately this does nothing to change people’s hearts and minds…

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The Constitutional Court in Uganda has been packed this week for the hearings about the anti-gay legislation

From the BBC:

1 August 2014 Last updated at 12:07 GMT

Uganda court annuls anti-homosexuality law

Uganda’s Constitutional Court has annulled tough anti-gay legislation signed into law in February.

It ruled that the bill was passed by MPs in December without the requisite quorum and was therefore illegal.

Homosexual acts were already illegal, but the new law allowed for life imprisonment for “aggravated homosexuality” and banned the “promotion of homosexuality”.

Several donors have cut aid to Uganda since the law was adopted.

‘Null and void’

Earlier drafts of the anti-homosexuality act made it a crime not to report gay people – which would have made it impossible to live as openly gay – but this clause was removed.

However the legislation that was passed in parliament was “null and void”, the presiding judge at the Constitutional Court said, as not enough lawmakers had been present to vote on…

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On The Other Side Of The Page

I recently shared my short story A Ghost Of A Memory. There were many things on my mind as I wrote it, enough there was a point where I questioned posting it.

I know every writer has a different method for creating their art. Some are meticulous planners, other are like myself, going off the cuff, simply letting the story flow. Neither method, nor indeed, any method you may use is correct or wrong if it works for you. What I am going to explain is why, for me, I need to write is small pieces and sometimes what I have written is all there is.

In opening I mentioned ‘A Ghost of a Story” and the reason for doing so is because of what followed. I decided to include a huge spoiler in the title knowing I wouldn’t be going into a long back story narrative. Of course once it was posted and someone had a chance to comment, the suggestion came up of revealing the back story which had grown of its own accord in my mind as I was writing. I must admit I was tempted. Most times once the words are on the page, that is all there is. My muse has exhausted herself and no amount of coaxing will bring forth another word, but this time, I still had images and dialogue rattling around in my head and I thought, “maybe this one time I will make this a larger project.”

Well, I have found doing so isn’t the way I am comfortable working. Though I can close my eyes and see much of the scenes in my mind and hear the characters speaking, these thing refuse to travel from my mind through my fingers and onto the screen. Trying to force them leaves me frustrated and more than a little agitated, after all, it’s all right there

So, as much as I have wanted to build a larger story, what I have written is what there is and what there shall remain. On a some what related note, my ‘Bella’ shorts are not a true, full length story, but snapshots. Nothing more than flashes of memory as seen from the characters point of view. Each story is connected by the character herself and those connected to her, but when I am writing, there is nothing more than that, which is what has allowed me to write as much as I have. I really have no idea how much of this story arc I will create, my muse is rather fickle when it comes to her.

If you have any thoughts you wish to share, please feel free to do so, I might even toss in a spoiler or two if your nice!

Me + You + BPD = My Failed Relationships + Suicidal Ideation.


Excellent discussion of BPD.

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July 30th, 2014  3:04 PM

Recently, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I did not know what BPD was and how I developed symptoms for such disorder, but while I was hospitalized I was assessed using the DSM-V diagnostic criteria and an in-person interview with a psychiatrist which revealed several symptoms for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), bipolar tendencies (I did not show enough symptoms to be diagnosed with Type I or Type II Bipolar disorder but showed symptoms of manic/hypo-manic episodes) and the famous BPD.

What  exactly is Borderline Personality Disorder? BPD is a very serious mental disorder which results in unstable relationships with other people, instability in mood and behavior. This can lead to impulsive behavior and suicide. I do not want to give a full lecture on the reigns of BPD, but you can find out more information about the disorder here. I do want…

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Man Arrested for Stabbing Transgender Teen on D.C. Metro


And her crime? Just being who and what she is.

Originally posted on TIME:

Authorities say a 15-year-old transgender teenager who was stabbed on the Green Line Metro in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. is currently recovering from her non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital, and remains in stable condition. The police apprehended a suspect, 24-year-old Reginald Anthony Klaiber of Greenbelt, Md., after witnesses identified him at a nearby station.

The victims’ friends told local news that Klaiber approached the group, singled out the victim, and ridiculed her for her appearance. Dan Stessell, a Metro spokesman, told CBS DC that Klaiber allegedly stabbed the victim in the back one time before he fled to Fort Totten Station, where he was later arrested.

The attack comes shortly after a report released by Trans Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP), revealed that 102 transgender people were murdered in 12 countries from January to April this year. Allison Woolbert, the founder of TVTP, says an antitransgender stigma…

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