Trans People Face Vast Gaps In Mental Health Counseling | Out Magazine

Trans People Face Vast Gaps In Mental Health Counseling | Out Magazine:

“Cases of young trans people taking their own lives seem innumerable, especially now that the media has started taking notice. With all this attention, you’d expect suicide hotlines and other such counseling services to be well able to field calls from troubled young trans people. “

Moment (Flash Fiction)




She had forgotten the sharp tang of salt, mixed with sand and seaweed. The predawn air held a chill as it blew across the beach, the sand cool and gritty beneath her feet. With a deep breath she coaxed her weary muscles to relax, a sarcastic smile turned her lips, such simple things to ease an aching soul even if for just a moment was worth the price paid.

      At this hour the beach was mostly deserted, just a few early risers like herself, souls seeking solace. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement, each keeping a respectful distance. She slowly made her way to the water line, where the waves hissed and foamed, splashing coldly across her feet.

If only every moment could be like this. 

Trans Bodies, Cis Words – Proud Queer (PQ Monthly – Daily Online)

Trans Bodies, Cis Words – Proud Queer (PQ Monthly – Daily Online):

“When my transition began, I believed it was incumbent on me to ‘pass’ the moment I stepped outside. Having been raised with unquestioned cissexism, cis male and cis female were the only genders I considered valid.

My failure, my inability to impersonate a cis woman, plunged me into shame. Transmisogyny had taught me I was an abomination, not fit to be among cis people.

With daily effort, I’ve worked to rid my mind of the prejudices that led to my self-loathing, yet I still see them, in all their ugliness, informing our language, laws, and culture.”