Twiddly Dee and Tweedily Dum

On January 31st, Ron DeSantis in a press conference signaled his desire to end gender affirming care for trans youth. Trump then released an incendiary video with broad anti-trans measures.

National Trans Bans? Both Trump And DeSantis Advocate Anti-Trans Policies On Same Day

Trump proposes genocidal national ban on transgender existence if he wins 2024


On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump released an anti-transgender tirade of a speech on his social media website Truth Social, outlining a genocidal plan against all transgender existence in the United States. Everyone on the right from mainstream Republicans to hardcore neo-Nazis are celebrating the video while Democrats and legacy news media outlets have so far largely ignored it. “So this is what we are up against,” tweeted legislative researcher and pro-transgender activist Erin Reed. She continues, “a national transgender ban in 2024. This is what they are planning. DeSantis is practicing this through executive actions in Florida. Trump is openly saying he will do the same.” This is unambiguously genocidal territory. Holocaust museums have warned that this rising anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric mirrors the hate that led up to the rise of Nazi Germany.

The passage of anti-transgender legislation increases internet searches for “suicide” and “depression”

The passage of anti-transgender legislation increases internet searches for “suicide” and “depression”

A new study published in PLOS One investigated the consequences of anti-transgender rights legislation on internet searches of suicide or depression. Researchers discovered that when states and local governments passed anti-transgender bills, suicide and depression searches increased. If an anti-transgender bill was legislatively defeated, the number of searches related to these topics decreased. Finally, there was no significant difference in internet searches when legislators were debating bills

Hormone therapy improves mental health for trans youth

Hormone therapy improves mental health for trans youth

Researchers tracked 315 trans and non-binary young people in what is reportedly the largest study in the U.S. to date.

The study is reportedly the largest in the U.S. to date. Over the course of two years, researchers tracked 315 trans and non-binary young people between the ages of 12 and 20 receiving hormone therapy. According to a summary of the research, “During the study period, appearance congruence (alignment between gender identity and physical appearance), positive affect, and life satisfaction increased, and depression and anxiety symptoms decreased.”

STATEMENT: Lambda Legal on FDA Blood Ban Changes: A Welcomed Huge Step Forward, Yet Further Work Needed


January 27, 2023

Lambda Legal responded today to new draft recommendations by the FDA on blood donation policies proposing changes to time-based deferrals in assessing blood donor eligibility, including a gender-inclusive approach and individual risk-based screening processes to reduce the risk of HIV transmission through blood transfusion. These recommendations are not final and will undergo a rulemaking process with a 60-day comment period to gather input and recommendations…

Gov. DeSantis Has Charted A Course To The White House That Cuts Straight Through The Swamp Of White Supremacy


DeSantis’ reactionary move to ban an AP course on African American studies is loosely based on his opposition to what he calls Critical Race Theory, a legal concept taught in law schools and little understood by the general public. Right-wing activists and politicians like DeSantis have co-opted and corrupted the term to undermine any effort to confront or even to acknowledge systemic racism.