What Do You Like To Read?

I have loved reading since I was a child, even buying my first book when i was ten. Since then I have read many different genres from adventure to suspense to science. It really doesn’t mater what kind of book it is as long as the story is good and it is well written.

Over the years I have moved between books, magazines, and now to Japanese Manga. The reason I became interested in Manga was for all the cross gender and gender bender stories that I simply haven’t found elsewhere. In fact, I just finished catching up on a great cross dressing story, “Hourou Musuko” or “Wondering Son” in english. It is also an anime series subtitled in english and if you can, I really recommend watching it as you get a great feel of the emotional tone of the series.

Let me say, I’m not trying to sell this series, it is simply a wonderful and powerful story that captures the essence of the things that we face as cross dressers.

So what do you like to read, watch, listen to that might have a cross dressing, gender bender theme? Please share your thoughts i the comments.

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