Stealth Dressing


I don’t know if it’s true that only one in ten cross dressers ever go out in public in female mode, but that is a figure I have seen on numerous web sites as well as wikipedia, so I figure it’s possible. Given that number, it means that ninety percent of you are the same as me, that is if you wear anything in public it’s covered by more acceptable attire. (After all, we wouldn’t want to upset someones delicate sensibilities now would we?)

I wear some article of women’s clothing no matter where I plan on going, even to work. That might be underwear or a sport bra, or maybe stockings and sometimes all three if I’m feeling adventurous! My main concern is that it is something that can be easily hidden or explained away if it happens to be seen.

I get a thrill at looking at the people around me and thinking; “if they only knew!” Of course, I would prefer to be able to go out dressed however I want, but it’s fun to think I’m getting away with something naughty.


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