Living In A Fairytale Of Lies

One of my favorite songs is “Faster” by Within Temptation that has the verse:

“I can’t live in a fairytale of lies”

This really struck a chord with me the first time I heard it and continues to do so every time I listen to it. Why are you telling me this? I’m glad you asked.

I make a point to look for new sources of information and cannon fodder to write about. That means that I search news, web sites, and blogs for ideas, but sometimes I stumble across something that just irritates me to no end. That happened today.

Now, I am NOT going to link to this blog, it’s bad enough that he got a page view from me, I see no point in encouraging someone to post more useless drivel in an effort to get attention. (If you really want to see for yourself, search wordpress for crossdressing and look for a progress report. That’s all I’m going to say).

So what did this person write that has my dander up? Let me explain.

First of all, this guy claims to be a man of Faith… Yeah, I know.

This is someone who is trying to rid himself of his “crossdressing issues”. He goes to great length to tell you what a good little boy he has been by not cross dressing for x number of days, but lets you know he is still tempted, ‘cuse you know, no one is perfect. Of course, he wants to make sure you know that he is going to be around to continue getting a pat on the back for how good he’s being.

That first post should have been enough, but he had already opened the door to his own little “fairytale of lies” and I just had to look a little deeper.

In reading further, it becomes clear that either this guy is a complete liar, or the latest blooming person I have ever heard of. He claims that cross dressing wasn’t sexual until he was in high school, in fact he didn’t even touch himself until a couple of friends explained it to him…. really. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Never mind that he also claims that it made him “excited”, but he didn’t understand what that meant…. yeah, sure.

Once he figured out what that “thing” was for, it was all downhill from there and he fell into a world of self pleasure and lies, shame and compulsion. Funny how that works.

Then there is the loveless marriage to a woman who can freeze a glass of water on the night stand overnight, and now he wants us to applaud his perseverance and self sacrifice for staying in this farce of a loving relationship, because you know, God doesn’t care if your happy, he just wants you to live a miserable life as long as you have that piece of paper.

By this point I wanted to slap the crap out this spineless jackass.

In the end you find that from the very start he associates cross dressing with fear, shame, and a lack of self worth. For him, cross dressing was and is a fetish that from what he describes was self inflicted. He had no interest in dressing, or acting / looking feminine, or being a girl. He lead himself into using clothing as a sexual aid because he didn’t know what else to do with that thing between his legs.

He then goes on to try and tell people that he has the right to try and cousul others on how to over come this evil in their lives. That just because he has a fetish, that everyone has the same thing and that it doesn’t matter what science may say, being gay, transgender, or transexual  is a choice and God will punish you for making the wrong one.

Many people live in their own “Fairytale of Lies”, worlds built out of all the BS that they use to defend the things they do or don’t do. The trick is to avoid getting pulled in and drowned.


7 thoughts on “Living In A Fairytale Of Lies

  1. Wow, “Fairytale of Lies” indeed. When I first opened my wordpress account, I searched for crossdressing and I think I know the blog that you speak of. It sounds like this person really has no clue of who they are deep down. Is it really worth it to do things that go against our deepest feelings just to make someone else happy? I don’t think so. Do whatever makes you truly happy.

    1. Some people just want someone to feel sorry for them, that look at me and how much I suffer for others, my faith, what ever, now tell me how good I am. I knew someone like that once and she made my life hell while others praised her for all her suffering. People like that make me sick, and to think he’s in charge of a church? I feel sorry for that congregation.

  2. Wow I was not quite prepared for such a harsh rant about my blog. I’m curious where your anger is coming from. Am I not allowed to have my own opinions and beliefs just as you do? I thought about not replying to this at all when I saw it. But I just want to say a few things.

    First my story about my history is just that, my story as best as I can understand it. Why would I try to lie about it?

    Second, why is it bad that I claim to be a man of faith?

    Third, I’m not posting progress reports just to get a pat on the back and brag about it. I’m getting good support from others who are also stopping crossdressing and we have been able to give each other good advice. And I’m being real about my struggles. And I’m giving hope and help to many others, as they have told me. If I wasn’t helping anybody, I’d quit writing.

    Fourth, I’m spineless because I’m willing to love someone even when it gets hard? I’m not sure how that makes sense.

    I’m interesting in talking more if you want, if you want to do so more civilly, but if you’d rather not, we can just leave each other alone.

    1. I wasn’t sure if I should allow this comment, but after thinking about it, I realized that it would be wrong not to allow it. Of course I’m unclear in what ways he thinks I need to be more civil, I thought I was very civil considering I was rather irritated and it is my blog. Then again, maybe he just has a thin skin and needs to be treated with kid gloves….

  3. Just sent the email. If you wanted to post some clarifications about our misunderstandings about each other and debate with each other, feel free, but you don’t have to. If people want to know what I really think, they can always go to my site. Thanks

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