All Worked Up About Work It?


Okay, so I’m not the best person to talk to about sit coms, frankly I find them ignorant time wasters. To give you an ida of a sit com I find funny, you have to look way back to “Home Improvement” with Tim Allen.

And now jump to today and the all new “Work It” with Lee Standish and Angel Ortiz. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry, your not missing anything.

This is a pretty standard show, lots of cheap jokes and a laugh track, because honestly, no one who actually owns a sense of humor will find this stuff funny.

I’m not going to dignify this show with anything more than a rehash of the shows’ Main page over on ABC, because quite frankly it isn’t worth my time or effort.

They say: “ABC’s new high-concept comedy about two unrepentant guy’s guys who, unable to find work, dress as women to get jobs.”

New? Really? High-concept? Are they serious? I think this show is just a rehash of the 80’s show “Bosom Buddies”. I know that everything old is new again, but come on, is this really the best we can do? What’s next, a remake of Knight Rider? Oh, wait, my bad.

I know that a lot of people are up in arms about this show, and I guess I could see why if it was actually any good and had a chance of being continued. It isn’t and it doesn’t. If you hate the idea of the show, just wait a few weeks and it will be a distant memory.

Being who and what I am, I agree that I don’t want to be laughed at, that making fun of people just because they’re different is insensitive, but men have been dressing in women’s clothing since the dawn of time, not just for serious theater, but for laughs. It’s just the nature of the beast that an obvious man in women’s clothing is seen as funny in context of public performances.

And that is the thing, it’s all about context. It’s a television show, it’s the modern day version of the traveling stage show. It is meant to be seen not as real life, but an effort to entertain. This show offends me not because the characters are making fun of transgendered people but because it’s simply not funny.

There are many, much more serious issues that the trans community can spend their time and energy on. Don’t waste it on something like this, it simply isn’t worth it. In fact, let all those religious nuts waste their time on this. It’ll keep them busy while the rest of us get on with our lives.

3 thoughts on “All Worked Up About Work It?

  1. I watched the first episode and I must say it was just awful. The show was cancelled after the second episode, and I’m glad. Jessica, from, wrote some really good thoughts about the show. I agree with you that I didn’t find it offensive to the trans community (as a lot of tans people did find it personally offensive), but I did find it offensive as a viewer who likes good comedy. The jokes were bad, and it felt like they we’re trying to have the guys act like women, but a bad caricature of women. In the end, I’m just glad its gone for good, now I can return to watch old episodes of The Kids In The Hall (good comedy featuring guys in drag) on Netflix.

  2. Glad to hear they cancelled it.
    I also love Netflix for all the older programming, give me something to watch other than all the “comedy” on regular T.v.

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