Living With Expectations


Being born as a male means that you arrive with certain expectations, some are big, others small, but to some level your expected to live up to. That your going to like sports and cars. That your going to like the color blue, that your going to met a nice girl and get married, have kids. These expectations start with your family and pass on to your friends and coworkers.

This weekend was a prime example. If your a “guy” you were expected to watch the Super Bowl. Tomorrow every one will be talking about it; the score, the plays, penalties, and of course the commercials.

If you keep your private life private, if your living your “other life” behind closed doors, then they don’t know that you might not give a rat’s behind about any of that stuff. If you don’t act like they do, they’ll think it strange in the least.

That’s why I found myself watching the Super Bowl tonight. I really didn’t care, but when all the “guys” at work are going to be talking about nothing else, I had better be able to add to the conversation.

If your living in the open you might not have these issues, but that isn’t possible for me and so I have to work at keeping up my “guy cred”.

Sometimes this means watching things I don’t care about, or taking an interest in things just because the people around me do. It’s more work than I need and more stress than I want, but until everyone is free to be themselves without fear, this will be the life I lead.


One thought on “Living With Expectations

  1. It’s not just sports, there are so many things these guys talk about that I just don’t get, like hunting and fishing, I use to love to fish with my grandmother, but I never loved it like they do, they could talk for hours about reels and poles! Don’t get me started on that ultimate fighting stuff, ugh!
    I just can’t connect with the “boys”, but they expect me to. Talk about cooking or what’s new in interior design and I’ll talk your ear off.

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