Missing You


There have been people who were and are important in our lives. People who we look up to, who even years later, have the ability to inspire us with just a single memory. For me, that person was my Grandmother. When everything in life seemed to falling apart around me, I knew that she loved me and would accept me unconditionally.

It has been many years since she passed away, but I still miss her every day.

She never had the chance to meet me as Kira and I find that I often wonder how she would have reacted if I had been able to come out to her. It is something I will never know of course, but I want to believe that she would have accepted me as I truly am. That she would have loved me no matter what.

I know this will seem silly to some, but I’d like to think that she has seen me from where ever she is now and sees what embracing Kira has done to my heart and soul and that she approves.

Today’s song is “Missing You” by Alison Krauss and John Waite.


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