Sweet Dreams


It’s funny the things one runs into when trying to understand what and who they are. In the process of learning about myself, I came a across an interesting subject, dreams. I found a study of the differences between the dreams of men and women here.  I also found another site that gives a general over view, with just slight exaggeration here.

My interest in reading this information is simple, I wondered if my dreams were more like males or females. That’s not something most people ever even think about, but I’m not most people. I am forever curious, and I want to understand everything I can about myself. That includes things like dreams.

This is a fascinating topic and I read both sites with great interest.

Women’s dreams tend to be:

More emotional

Set indoors


Dealing with situations

Centered around more family characters

Men’s dreams tend to be:

More violent and aggressive

Contains more unknown males

Set outdoors

Dealing with misfortune

There is a great deal more to learn about our dreams, I’m looking forward to what I will find.

Today’s song is “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” by Annie Lennox.


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