Andrej Pejic


Honestly, it takes a lot for someone to make me jealous, but if there is one person who can it’s Andrej Pejic. Not only can this guy do what I can only dream of, (pass as either male or female at will), but he gets to wear great clothes while doing it. Life can be so unfair!

They have a story on him on MSN.

Pejic is the only top-tier fashion model who can walk down the runway as either a man or woman, his androgynous beauty making him a trendsetter in the industry.

He has the kind of face that makes even the vainest woman jealous: high cheekbones, beautiful skin, and plump lips. It is only when he speaks that you get a glimpse of his slight Adam’s apple to give you a hint that your talking to a man.

Though Pejic isn’t trying to be a woman, many in the transgender community have claimed him as one of their own. Last year Out magazine named him “style maker of the year”.

He graced the cover of 14 magazines last year alone and he has walked the runway for heavyweight designers, including John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.

That’s not to say that everything has been roses in Andrej’s life. Born in Bosnia, he spent much of his childhood in a refugee camp before his family fled to Australia.

You really should read the story I linked to or Google Andrej Pejic, his story is interesting for who he is if nothing else, and it gives me hope that gender bending is being a little more accepted in spite of everything.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the guy is drop dead gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “Andrej Pejic

  1. I’ve seen him on other websites too, and I’ve also thought “If I looked like that….” All you can say is “gorgeous”. It reminds me of that time, a few years ago, when they had that transgendered model on America’s Next Top Model. It’s amazing what some guys can do. 🙂

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