On Being A Boy


What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails

And puppy dog tails,

That’s what little boys

Are made of.

So far this blog has been about discovering the feminine side of my personality. There is nothing wrong with that of course, after all I was locked in a box for years and never had a real chance to develop into the person I could have, indeed should have, been. However, being Kira is just one side of the story.

I was born into a male body and therefore I have a male side as well. If things had been different, this blog might have been about discovering the boy inside.

I imagine there are those who would think that I would want to do to him what was done to me; to lock him in a box for a few decades and see how he likes it. I’m not like that though, I know it wasn’t his fault. Besides, I’m really not very good on the whole revenge thing. Locking him away would eventually have the same disastrous results as my being locked away.

The important thing is to understand that his existence is as important as mine. As a person, I am both male and female and both are needed for me to whole.

I call him G. He has a whole life of memories and experiences, and as far as the world is concerned, he’s the only one using this body. He has had a rather difficult life, not as bad as many but certainly worst than others.

He has had friends and enemies, good times and bad. He has traveled half way across the world and seen things that many around him could only dream of.

He married a wonderful woman, who when all is said and done, loves him in spite of himself.

He has interests and hobbies, books he loves and movies he hates.

All the things that anyone would count as making up a full life.

I will write about him from time to time, his story is my story, and it has a right to be told.


One thought on “On Being A Boy

  1. Becky,

    Your right, better to embrace and enjoy life than worry what “everyone else” thinks. Somehow I doubt that they really have our best interests at heart.

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