Get It Together


Last night I had me a pity party. It wasn’t over anything important, though I missed that little detail as I got myself all worked up. It came down to me having my feelings hurt and really I should have simply put it down to a heat of the moment thing and gotten over it. That’s what a grown up would have done, instead I acted like a teenager and got my panties in a bunch.

After I calmed down, I realized that I knew what I needed to do during this next step in my journey.

I need to get it together!

I need to get my emotions under better control. There is simply no excuse for a grown woman to act this way.

The other goal is to finally get to the point where I can stand on my own two feet and not need the constant hand holding. This may be a new path I am walking and I know that I will need help from time to time, just not all the time.

I will never be able to learn and grow if I’m afraid to even try.


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