Memories (Or Rose Colored Glasses For Idiots)


Memories are tricky little monsters. They can make you remember things as being much better than they were in real life. I give you a perfect example; classic television.

For some reason I can’t remember now, I decided to track down some instrumental music, I think it was to have something to play in the background that wouldn’t distract me with annoying things like words.. I don’t know, it must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

In the process of tracking down said music I happened across a band call “The Ventures”, a 60s surf rock band that had some pretty big hits back in the day. What was one of those hits? The theme song for the televisions show “Hawaii – Five – O”. Not the new version, that classic of the 70s.


That got me to thinking about all the “great” shows of my youth….

Remember what I said about memories? Prime example.

That lead to things like “Starsky & Hutch” a classic that ran from 1975 to 1979. Just one question, what were we thinking?


I went and watched an episode, I thought my brain was going to melt.

Then there was “The Rockford Files”. 1974-1980.


Do I really need to say more?

This needs to be a lesson to all of us, just because you remember something as being great… don’t believe it. And what ever you do, in the name of all that is good and right, don’t go and buy the DVD to show your kids what “real” television was like when you were their age.

3 thoughts on “Memories (Or Rose Colored Glasses For Idiots)

  1. Do you know that the Love Boat went on for 9 seasons?
    I watched the first episode, and it was not so bad. Not good, but not so bad.
    I think that maybe it isn’t that the stories that we watched casually were so very bad, I think that it’s just that there are others that we have seen since then that are so much better.

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