The Days Of Our Lives



WhenI was a child I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother. Every Summer I would go to her house and we would spend hours talking while she taught me to sew and to cook. She did her best to get me over my terror of the ancient pressure cooker she used every Fall to can vegetables and make jellies and jams, (though I still have nightmares about that rattling, screeching monstrosity).

But the thing I remember most are the hours we spent watching her favorite shows.

When it was almost time for her shows to start, we would put everything away, pour some coffee or iced tea and go into the Living room where we would sit in companionable silence while the drama unfolded on the screen.

I’m sure that I am like many people when I say that I wish that I had known then what i know now. That our time together would one day come to an end. That there would come a day when I would wake up and she wouldn’t be there.

I would have tried to spend more time with her, to learn more of what she tried to teach, to listen to her advice.

I would have told her how much I loved her.


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