Just A Day

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Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the sun rises, passes overhead and then goes down.  A day when nothing special or dramatic happens. You get up and do the chores, maybe listen to some music, play with the kids. Then its dinner and some television and you go to bed.

It’s just another day.

That has been my day today. It’s a little out of synch to “regular” people in that I work nights, but otherwise it was a regular boring day.

So why is that a big deal? Well, it isn’t, and that’s the point.

Not every day has to be a soap opera. Not every day has to be filled with drama. Not every day has to end with someone on the verge of tears.

No, some days are just plain old boring days.

You know what? I like plain. I like boring. I like a day when I can look back and nothing really comes to mind other than I got more laundry washed and folded than I thought I did.

Will every day be like this? I don’t know, probably not, but I like to think that they might.

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