Girl In The Mirror

Beautiful young girl with bow in her hair Vintage Postcard

Girl In The Mirror

By Kira A. Moore




Where memories are stored,

In boxes and bags,

And baskets.


With cotton and polyester,

Cashmere and silk,

And the feather boa.



Giggles and grins.

Innocent laughter,

From deep within.


Grandma’s hat,

Falling over innocent eyes,

So blue and clear,

Shining with joy.


Mommies shoes,

Too big today,

But not for long,

Too soon too small.



2 thoughts on “Girl In The Mirror

  1. Beautiful picture!
    This brought back memories of my childhood dressing up box. The feather boa made me smile. So many people seemed to have a feather boa in their dressing up box – where did they come from?
    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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