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Beneath the Gazebo


Beneath the Gazebo
By Kira A. Moore

She danced beneath the gazebo,
In the park,
As the rain fell on a Saturday night,

She held her pain close to her heart,
Arms to her chest,
As the tears fell on chilled skin,

The sound of her cries forever lost,
To the winds sigh,
As it whispered through leaves,

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A Path Already Walked

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I realize now that I need to go back to the beginning of this blog and read everything I have written. To once again walk down those paths that have led me to this point.

Until just the other day, this was something I hadn’t thought that I needed to do. Something that in some ways I was scared to so. That I am still scared to do. There are things written that i don’t want to face again. To think about. To remember.

But I have to. 

This is one of the keys to understanding myself, to remembering the things I have learned.

There is a great deal of pain in those pages, written in the middle of the night when I was lost in the storm.

In those first hectic days, I thought my only issue was with cross dressing… Boy, I couldn’t have been further off the mark.

As time passed and more an more memories came to the surface, I quickly realized that I had bigger things to deal with and I am still dealing with them all these months later.

I am finding that I will have to take this process very slowly, just going back to those memories is causing me some problems and I am quickly feeling overwhelmed.

I have to remember to take this one small step at a time, and when I need to, to step back and take a breather. I don’t have to do everything in a single day. 

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In the Morning Light

Like a Rose on the grave of Lo by telepadune


In the Morning Light

By Kira A. Moore



Watch as the flower falls,

A single rose, blood red,

In the morning light,


A dull gray, so fitting,

On this day,

The rain falling,


Washing away the emotion,

Reminding that life,

Renews despite sorrow.



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Her Spirit Rejoicing


Her Spirit Rejoicing
By Kira A. Moore

She stands above,
The city below,
Eyes closed,
She cannot see,
The rain that falls.

Though it washes,
Away the tears,
She is unable,
To stop tonight,
Lost to the darkness.

She dreams of freedom,
From the pain that sears,
Her heart and soul,
Day after day,
Every day she awakes,

Like the angel she dreams,
She spreads her wings,
To the stormy night,
Her spirit rejoicing,
And she soars.

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And Show My Affection

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And Show My Affection

By Kira A. Moore

The garden is again full of flowers,

Colors of every shade,

The scent intoxicating,

I want just a moment to touch

Each and every one,

To savor their feel,

To lose myself within

Their silken embrace,

And this love of being,

I shall dance upon the air,

And show my affection,

Beneath the suns warm glow.

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Something Lighter



Considering the heavy duty posts over the past 24, I thought I should look to something a bit lighter. What better I thought than music. Something I haven’t really talked about in a while.

So here I present the playlist that I often have going in the background when I’m working on poetry, or when I am trying to frustrate myself trying to get my story idea off the ground where it has been laying in a wrecked heap for more than a month…. 


I Am Not A Farmer by Bill Frisell

Honky Tonk (Pt. 1)

Honky Tonk (Pt. 2) by Bill Doggett

Walk, Don’t Run by The Ventures

Hanging On by Active Child

Take Five (Original) by Dave Brubeck

Eldorado by Ben Harper & Relentless7

Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band

Bossa Blue by Chris Standring

Gloria’s Step (Take 2)(Live) by Bill Evans Trio

Chaconne in G Major by Daniel Hope (Plus a list of other too long to mention)

Lucifer by The Alan Parsons Project

Daylight by Boyce Avenue


This is an hour of wonderful music that just floats in the background. As often as not I have it looped in continuous play.

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In Need of a 2×4


Some days I just need a good smack to the back of head and someone telling me, “Hey dummy, you missed the obvious!”

Thank you Ren’Ai for doing that for me.

As been pointed out, the whole point of doing this blog was to give me space to write down all the stuff that runs through my head on any given day. Somethimes from hour to hour. It doesn’t matter if I am thinking of ups or downs, good things, bad things or just pointless things, this is the space for it. This is also a place that I can come back to later and reread what I have written, to remember the things I might have forgotten. To show myself that even in the bad times there are also good times. That if I take the time to sift through all these words, I have most likely written an answer for myself.

I just have to find it.

Thinking things out, working through problems and issues, is one of my strong points, it is also one of my weaknesses. It doesn’t take much to go beyond heathy self examination and into destructive cycles of over thinking.

Everything that I have gone through up to this point has been overwhelming, there is so much I now know that I simply don’t know. There are emotions and thoughts I simply don’t have the ability to deal with, and yet I have, time and again, tried to do exactly that. If my past were any indication, I should know that I am not a mental heath professional and I do a really lousy job of treating myself. Yet that is what I try to do time and again.

I think I’m like the mule that has to be hit over the head with a 2×4 just to get my attention. Then maybe I can learn something.


P.S. Ren’Ai, I know you love anime and when I saw this picture I thought you would like it.