Something Lighter



Considering the heavy duty posts over the past 24, I thought I should look to something a bit lighter. What better I thought than music. Something I haven’t really talked about in a while.

So here I present the playlist that I often have going in the background when I’m working on poetry, or when I am trying to frustrate myself trying to get my story idea off the ground where it has been laying in a wrecked heap for more than a month…. 


I Am Not A Farmer by Bill Frisell

Honky Tonk (Pt. 1)

Honky Tonk (Pt. 2) by Bill Doggett

Walk, Don’t Run by The Ventures

Hanging On by Active Child

Take Five (Original) by Dave Brubeck

Eldorado by Ben Harper & Relentless7

Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band

Bossa Blue by Chris Standring

Gloria’s Step (Take 2)(Live) by Bill Evans Trio

Chaconne in G Major by Daniel Hope (Plus a list of other too long to mention)

Lucifer by The Alan Parsons Project

Daylight by Boyce Avenue


This is an hour of wonderful music that just floats in the background. As often as not I have it looped in continuous play.

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