Sometimes It’s the Simple Things

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This has been a pretty good weekend, well, except for the soreness from my long ride yesterday…

I played it more boyish today because I was being lazy. Just a Tee and jeans.

(A thinks it’s funny and teases me that it takes me longer to get ready for anything than it does her and I have to remind her there was a time when I took even longer and that was back when I was working over time to look like a guy… though a guy with good fashion sense… but still…)

The other thing I did which has really made me feel a lot better with myself is I did my nails. Hard to believe that such a simple thing as having nice nails can make such a difference to your self image. Maybe I’m just being a bit vain… I have long thought I had nice nails for a guy and many women have told me that they wish they had nails like mine… now i can take a bit of secret pride in them and spend more time making them look nice. The only thing I don’t like is being forced to use only clear nail polish, oh, and not being able to have a french manicure.. I so want a french manicure, but I doubt I could get away with out one heck of a good excuse, like a lost bet or something..

As for a pedicure? Not so sure, but I am thinking about it. Doing my own toes is a pain just because I’m not that limber any more! Though I might start doing stretches just so I can… is that sad?

I am going to spend some time the next time I’m out shopping to look for tops that are closer to unisex, I am sick of having to maintain two separate wardrobes, though obviously I will to a certain degree just so I have work clothes if nothing else. Still, the more I can lean to the feminine side of the rack, the better.

Now if I could just find a nice wig to complete the look, maybe I wouldn’t want to cry when I look in the mirror…

13 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s the Simple Things

  1. The nice nails do work. I know where you’re coming from. The toes, just make sure to keep your nails trim, use polish and wear a not so revealing, yet stylish sandal.

  2. Thumbs up for some nails 🙂 I’d like some French nails too. I’m thinking I might get some of those press on ones from the drug store. I could ware them for the weekend before going back to work. A wig definitely makes a big difference, it’s like night and day for me. I’ve gotten some wigs from eBay that were decent and reasonably priced. I’m glad you had a good weekend.

    1. I hadn’t thought of doing press on for the french look, I’ll have to look into them too.
      As to the wig, I’m looking at Paula Young, there is one style I really like and it’s $70 which is a lot less than I expected.

  3. Kira,

    Now you are getting into the territory I once lived in before my coming out last December. I first got a pedicure in January 2011 at my wife’s invitation as she was having her’s done and as I really needed one because I hadn’t been able to reach my toes, much less trim them for well over a year because of my bad hips. I didn’t have them painted that time but I realized later that if I didn’t wear open toes or sandals or go barefoot in public, who was going to know but my pedicurist and I doubt he, that’s right, he was going to say anything. If you have him do your fingernails as well he can recommend a clear nail hardener and top coat that will keep them looking fresh and keep them from chipping and reduce your own need for self maintenance.
    As to your “first” wig, I started with a short pixie cut, which is still my favorite and now have four of different lengths. Also I can slip it on before I look at myself in the morning mirror to shave and work on my eyebrows, which requires the most attention to get them in shape. I recommend that you go to a hairdresser who also sells wigs because he or she will be a much better judge of what color and style is best for your complexion and facial shape and despite what people say about gossip in hair salons, she, like a bartender, knows that discretion is important if she wants to stay in business. It may cost you a little more but I believe it is worth the feeling of being pampered and I believe you will be much happier with the results. You can also get tips on how to keep it looking fresh and stylish. One important thing to consider is how the wig is constructed on the inside, that is the skull cap to which the hair is attached because nothing is worse for your own self-esteem than a poorly made wig that may make you look and feel like a caraciature of yourself.
    Also one of the most feminizing things you can do for yourself is to shape your brows which you can do yourself although even women now go to places that also do eyebrow waxing and shaping. If you look carefully to male actors on TV and movies, you will see a lot more shaping done on their eyebrows that most men never notice.
    One more thing, you may also want to consider having laser hair removal on your face which many women must do even more so than men. There is just as much and more discretion in places that do that sort of thing and men are having hair removal done on parts you wouldn’t think about, like their backs. Plus people are not going to even notice the fact that you don’t have a shadow anymore and even if they do, they will be very unlikely to give it a second thought. I have gone through five treatments and as I have a lot of grey at my age, which laser can’t help, I still have to shave daily but at least don’t have a shadow and have been able to use less and less foundation or concealer under the powder.
    Good luck, sweetie! You are worth it!


    1. Deanna,
      Thanks for the great ideas, you’ve given my a lot to think about!
      I’ll be looking into my options,m I promise.


      1. It’s funny to me because I’ve wanted to do something with my toenails too, and limberness (complicated by excess weight) is definitely an issue. Yoga will help. There are probably other options too though. Just a thought. 🙂

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