Gone In A Flash



Gone In A Flash

By Kira A. Moore


A flicker, a Pause,

A moments indecision,


A flare, a pop

Then darkness descends,


A thought,  a memory,

A 10,000 hour life,


Gone in a flash.

8 thoughts on “Gone In A Flash

    1. Just about 18 months ago, when our son moved out of state, I lamented that my life was now to be about growing old with my partner of 30 years in a house that I all but hated and filled with possessions that owned me, instead of me owning them. Within a month, it was all gone in a flash, but it turned out to be the greatest gift of my entire life and a reason to celebrate instead of lament.
      BTW, as to all my earthly goods which all once meant something to me but are now just inventory, I have found a second career and now it will be so much fun to help find those things new hearts to enjoy them as I once did.

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