This post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge.

First off, I ordered my wig… finally. I got the one I posted about before, the Glow Girl  by Forever Young.


Less than $50 including S&H. I ordered it in I-Heart-Expresso and I hope it isn’t too dark. We’ll see.

When I get it, I’ll write a review.

Last night I did something I wish I could take back….


We rented The Three Stooges. I really don’t know what to tell about this movie other than I could only stand about twenty minutes and then I had to scoop my brain off the floor. Even the five year old said it was stupid. I don’t know, maybe someone else will find this funny, but not this girl. If I want to watch pointless violence and listen to terrible jokes, I’ll sit back and watch the kids, it’s better entertainment and it costs less.

Now onto something better…

We also rented Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.


I loved the first movie and so was looking forward to seeing this as well and my hopes were well founded. It was a very good movie and well worth the wait. The storyline is excellent and the dynamic between Watson and Holmes is as lively as ever. It is a gripping, funny, and satisfying story and if you liked the first, you most likely will enjoy A Game of Shadows as well.

And incase your wondering, I am really terrible at movie reviews, I always want to give away the ending.

On a personal note, I find that I am getting more comfortable making small changes to the way I dress when going into public, nothing most people would notice, but that isn’t really the point. These are things I am doing for myself, not anyone else.

I am however, having trouble keeping myself in check. To remember that I present as male, which means maintaining my mannerisms and the way I do simple things like walking. I am still overly aware of how I am moving and it sometimes becomes a distraction.

I want express myself more but I don’t dare.

Something else I need to stop doing is looking at others who are on hormones and seeing the incredible change they go through. It drives me crazy to think it is possible I could have similar results while knowing in my head that taking hormones could do serious damage to my health or possibly kill me. I really don’t want to reach a point where I am forced to make such a choice.

16 thoughts on “Hodge-Podge

  1. I hope the wig is what you expect!
    I haven’t heard anything good about the 3 Stooges movies. I think I will keep my memories of the black & white shows from back in the day.
    I liked the Sherlock movie too.

    1. I think I am going to like the wig over all, the length is great, it’s just the color that worries me, I have auburn hair but they didn’t offer it or anything close.
      I remember the old B&W Stooges and I agree, they make better memories.
      And Sherlock is great, I actually hope they keep making them. Usually I can’t stand sequels, but I’ll make an exception!

    1. I echo this one, Kira. The new Sherlock is kind of awesome. They just finished showing the second series on PBS, so if it’s not out on DVD now, it will be soon. Series one is great, but they really leave you hanging at the end.

      Good luck with the wig!

  2. I am a Sherlock girl! I have not seen the movies with Robert Downey Jr. though, I am kind of old school with my Sherlock. Hee hee I do not understand the Three Stooges and never have.

    I am so happy for you making the changes for you. I hope the wig is fabulous!

    1. Sherlock rules and Stooges drool… oh, wait… that’s cats and dogs…. lol!

      And thank you for the encouragement!



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