The Dress

This is an incomplete scene, but I wanted to share it.




She hated to admit it but Erin was jealous of her best friend. She looked around a bedroom which seemed to ooze femininity. From the bed frame, white enamel and brass with gentle, sweeping curves to the dresser and chest of drawers. Both white but with soft curves and rounded corners, perfect for any girls room. Then there was the colors. Nothing overt like pink, instead the walls were painted a soothing pale green with white trim. Then there was the bookshelf. Five shelves over flowing with stuffed animals. Erin loved stuffed animals and would have given anything to have so many. True, there were some she wasn’t sure about, after all, she preferred the cute ones, but still…

The hardest thing though, was the open closet, where she could see Brooke’s clothes hanging so innocently. many she had seen already, but there were many she was dying to check out. Worst of all was the dress which was hanging from a hook on one of the bi-fold doors. It was so cute it was impossible not to stare. A pale cream with pearl buttons down the chest. It was pleated with lace trim around the beck, arms and hem.

“Do you like it?” Erin almost jumped out of her skin. She hadn’t noticed that Brooke had returned from her snack run. She could feel her face heating.

“What?”. Erin’s mind was racing, trying to catch back up.

“Do you like it”, Brooke walked over and took the dress down. She held it at arms length and looked at it critically. 

“I think it’s nice”. Erin winced, what made her say something so stupid?

Brooke looked at her with a bemused look.

“Yes, I suppose it is nice.” Then she started laughing. “You should see your face!”

“Sorry” Erin wanted to crawl into a hole. 

Brooke managed to stop laughing though it seemed a close thing. “I’m sorry”, she said, “I wasn’t laughing at you, I promise.”

She took a breath then looked from the dress to Erin and back again. “Do you want to try it on?”

Erin stared at her in shock, her heart beginning to race. “What?”

“Do you want to try it on? I think it would look really good on you.”



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