She sat, shocked beyond words, beyond thought. She sat at her desk looking out at the rain running down the glass and wondering if it was the tears of angels. She was sure they should be.

She thought the teacher was talking but she couldn’t hear. Didn’t really care. What was the point really? Why try so hard when it could all be taken away in the blink go an eye? She closed her eyes and let the memories come. One then another, then a flood.

Bobby in class, looking so serious as he scratched away, his pencil nearly a blur as he raced to fininsh the quiz first because he loved being first, even if he didn’t gat an A.

Bobby on the playground, racing the other boys, collapsing to the ground out of breath yet still managing to laugh.

Bobby during lunch when someone made a joke and he laughed until milk came out of his nose.



She thought he was so strong. That he was able to laugh at anything. That he would be here forever.

Her friend.

Why hadn’t she seen? Why hadn’t she known?

She didn’t realize she had begun to cry until the tears fell on her hand and then she couldn’t stop the sobs which seemed to tear from her chest and ripped through her throat.

13 thoughts on “Bobby

  1. Very well written Kira. From the heart. You have got a gift. I really felt what you wrote and that is what it’s all about. If it moves you as a writer then others will be similarly affected. Well done Kira 🙂

      1. You are welcome. I have just made the link. I will read more of your work another day. Well done Kira 🙂

      2. You are really talented and I really do hope you keep writing……and let me know when you are famous because I will want a signed copy of your book. 🙂

      1. I meant it. I’ll share a trick with you I learned awhile ago, it may help or not. The muse (that creative wonderful place a writer likes to go) seems to come out more easily when gently nudged by some other emotion besides the need to write I mean. And figuring out who we are and why is something that you are not alone in. You do have friends out here, please consider me one to talk with, if you want. You can email me also. I’ve been where you’ve been. Penny

      2. It really means a lot to me to know there are people like yourself who take the time to help others like myself. I really do appreciate it and if I need to talk I will email.
        Again thank you.

  2. Kira, your writing is powerfully strong. I hope that you’ll find that writing is a great connector, support, equalizer, and path. Nothing says We’re All In This Together like good, honest writing.

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