This is the opening scene for an short story idea. Not sure where it is going, I have a vague  idea of it being an “Alice in Wonderland” sort of story with a gender bender twist.


Rachaell’s Antiques was a favorite stop, full of dust, dirt and wonders. Eric could loose himself within the endless shelves and piles of forgotten treasure. He would move from place to place, shelf to shelf, trying to guess what something was. Somethings were obvious, other beyond comprehension, but all interesting. Today though, he had a goal in mind, something he had glanced the previous week but had been unable to return to find before today.

It was a tall mirror buried far back into the shadowed recesses of the store, half hidden by broken furniture. He couldn’t say what was so interesting about what was most likely another broken and useless thing, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Entering the door with its dust encrusted glass, he heard the tiny bell that hung above his head give its usual metallic tinkle, the harsh notes sending a shiver up his spine. No one came to see if it was a customer, but there was nothing unusual in that. He had been coming in for months and yet to see another soul. He simply assumed the owner or whoever was working was either in the back or wired at the counter, though thinking about it, he hadn’t seen anyone there either. The though passed through his mind he should be concerned my this fact, but he had other things the think about and so it was quickly forgotten.

It was easy to loose track of time in the place, with its dim, yellow lighting and deep shadows. After the bright sunlight outside, it was a world of perpetual twilight. He made his way ever deeper into the store, twisting, turning, ducking under hanging banners, stepping over miniature landslides of magazines and crumbling rolls of wallpaper. Each step taking him further from the door, yet closer to where he was sure the mirror waited.

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