Transgender Day Of Remembrance





Today, November 20th is The Transgender Day Of Remembrance.


It is today we take a moment and remember all of our brothers and sisters who, over the past year, were killed as a result transphobia.

Another way to put this, which makes the tragedy of their loss clear, is they were killed not for what they did but for who they were… transgender men and women who’s greatest sin was being themselves. Hatred and fear took them from us. 


For a good explanation from people who are better writers than myself, please go to: gsanetwork where you will find a very good article explaining this day and why it is so important to anyone you might know who identifies as transgender.

Even if you are not trans* yourself or know anyone who is, please take a moment and visit this site and read the article. Bigotry and hatred hurt all of us, even those not directly involved.


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6 thoughts on “Transgender Day Of Remembrance

  1. no its absolutely disturbing to think about and sickening. like the last trans documentary i watched at the end they made a note the film was dedicated to an individual interviewed who was murdered-quite brutally- shortly afterwards.
    people are people and that is the bottom line. and the discrimination/violence directed at the trans community does NOT get enough media attention….

    1. No it doesn’t, and what attention it does get is often insensitive and full of errors in gender and orientation. Then is quickly swept under the rug… It will change one day, I just hope I live to see it.

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