An Interesting Article For Trans Awareness Week



Yesterday was The Transgender Day of Remembrance which is just one part of  Transgender Awareness Week. I really didn’t post much about Gender or Trans issues this week, though looking back, I should have… Next year I plan doing a lot more.

One thing I didn’t do was spend the time to look around for articles talking about Transgender people and the issues we face outside of the TDoR and so I am sure I missed some positive coverage. Thankfully, my friend “T” happened upon one over at and pointed it out to me. You can find it here; The Trans Characters That Changed TV and Film.

Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t gone back to really look at the shows and movies mentioned in the article but I think I am going to spend some time doing so. 


I do have to say I don’t know how large of an impact these performances have had, though just seeing Trans people portrayed in the same “normal” light which has what has been shone on gay and lesbian characters is a sign of progress. Unfortunately, there are still examples of Trans people being portrayed in ways which are demeaning, used as plot twists and for comedic effect.


There is still such a long way to go. 


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