Some Thoughts For Dec. 1st

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I’ve been thinking all day about what I would write for today. There were many things which I considered, some reflective, some motivational, some just personal thoughts. In the end I just thought it best to speak from my heart.


I was going to write an introspective of the past year, of all the things which have happened, but you know something? I really don’t see a point in doing that. I have lived through it, mistakes and all. No, what I think is important now is to look forward, not back.

This month marks my one year anniversary.. well, it’s at the end of the month and I plan on writing something on the 23rd which is the official date… But I thought, why wait?

A lot has changed over this past year, most of it for the better. Yes, I have had my ups and downs, my good times and bad, but you know what? I wouldn’t exchange who I am today for who I was then. Oh, I have my days… when depression creeps back or dysphoria rears its ugly head, times when I get angry or when tears flow for no reason, but these things are so much better than the spirit killing numbness which had become a fixture in my life.

I wish so much I could give out those wonderful little specks of wisdom and encouragement to anyone who following a similar path in life, but I’m not much of a motivational speaker… err… writer. Through everything all I can do is tell you is life is full of surprises, good and bad and the best we can do is to live it. To embrace it all, the beautiful and the ugly…


Because there is only one alternative…

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