Sitting here I realize that, through this blog, my thoughts and emotions affect more than just me or my family. By sharing all that I have I have shown that I and all Trans* people are human. We have the same hopes, dreams, and fears as anyone else. More than that, I have, I hope, been able to show someone they are not alone in dealing with all the issues which seem to consume their lives. That they are welcomed, accepted and yes, understood. I’m not saying this to pat myself on the back. No. I admit I started this for selfish reasons. I did it for myself, never thinking of the impact I might have, however small. Yet as time as passed and I have had a chance to correspond with others, I have seen the power of words. It is both exciting and terrifying, but I wouldn’t do things any other way. I am not an activist, nor anyone of importance, I am simply someone with an experience to share.

Jan. 23rd will be the one year anniversary of this blog.One year. In that time I have shared things I never thought I would. Spoke of feelings and thoughts I had never shared with another living person. Thousands of words, countless triumphs and defeats, Hopes and dreams and tears. When I typed the first word I couldn’t imagine this moment. Really, I could’t have said I would still be here, not just alive but wanting to live…

Some of you have been with me from the beginning, some found me just recently but I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here. I really didn’t know what to expect when I started, a follower or two, maybe an occasional comment, what I never deemed of was the support I have received and so I wanted to say “thank you” to each of you.

7 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. Congratulations! Blogging can be so much fun, but so frustrating, too, when what we want to say doesn’t come out the way we want it to sound. Yet we persevere; are we just gluttons for punishment?? LOL

    I’m glad you’re blogging; I enjoy reading what you write and seeing the world from a different perspective. I think the day I stop learning is the day they put me in a coffin. 🙂

  2. It’s always best not to expect much of anything. You’ve been one of the lucky ones to draw a crowd, and that’s a wonderful thing. Though you remind me that it’s been about just as long since I embraced who I have been hiding for so long.

    Anyway, keep writing for yourself, hun. ::hugs::

    1. Ren’Ai,

      I have been lucky, but not because of the number of people who read my words but because I have met wonderful people like you. For me that is a gift beyond measure.

      Please remember, each of has our unique path to walk and we shouldn’t judge our place on it by where others are on theirs.
      Being ourselves is difficult enough, we can’t be someone else too.



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