In Need Of The Right Look

I took time to go over my wardrobe choices today. I quickly realized I have way too many guy clothes and not enough girl things. Now, I have been slowly replacing things, but because I don’t want this to be too obvious, I have been staying with similar items. This has been things like sweatshirts and T-shirts wit a few button downs and mock turtle necks. Nothing really dressy or feminine. I have also been staying with jeans, (though this is proving to be a tad more difficult without spending way too much.)
I mention this because I see I am going to have to buy a new outfit. I simply don’t have the right clothes for such an important event!
So later today I’m going shopping. I took a look at several fashion sites and saw a look I liked which is a black mock turtle neck, black pants and a nice sweater, maybe dark blue or gray, with black shoes or boots. The black will be slimming which is never a bad thing and the sweater will add a nice splash of color. Another thing I like about this look is it makes you seem taller. I know this isn’t an issue for many, but I’m 5′-6″ so there are lots of people taller than me, both men and women.
I will try to add the picture I found later, though it showed the outfit with a red sweater which wouldn’t go well with my skin tone…
All in all I am looking forward to Saturday.

4 thoughts on “In Need Of The Right Look

  1. Sounds like a great outfit, Kira! *chuckle* I never thought about looking taller (I’m about 6′ tall – give or take a squashed vertebrae)… but it also sounds like a slimming outfit, which you’d think I *would* think about! :c) Hell’s bells, at this stage of the game I figure it doesn’t matter if I wear light colors or dark – it’s still from Omar the Tentmaker. :c) I’m so glad you’re getting into the spirit of this! You’ll be gorgeous. :c)

    1. I’m spending too much time reading about fashion for women over 40… If there is one mistake I refuse to make it is trying to look too young. I went through a lot to reach this point, why not celebrate it? 🙂

      As for color, I’m technically a redhead, and the wrong things make me look even more washed out than I do from working nights for the better part of twenty years.

      When it comes to height, I’ve always claimed to be just the right distance from the floor. LOL! But really, the majority of women I’m around are either about my height or taller. Of course this means I don’t look out of place in heels, but I would rather be in flats or athletic shoes anyway.

      And to wearing something slimming… Well, I don’t have much of a waist and I’m more of a block shape than an hour glass, so anything that helps in that department is a god send!

      You know, I figure I could be a nervous wreck or I can have fun and make memories I will cherish, I rather prefer the memories. 🙂

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