Looking For Information, A Place To Start


I was thinking of a different post for today but I happened across this: http://genderintransitionspring2013.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/transgender-or-genderqueer/

I’m not sure if I completely agree, but it gave me a link to the following: http://www.tgender.net/taw/tsins.html

A discussion of Transgender Health Benefits, which I found to be informative.

The best part is there are many links included.

I hope this provides information for those who are looking for answers. Of course this isn’t all there is to know or understand, but it is a place to start.

4 thoughts on “Looking For Information, A Place To Start

      1. Anytime Kira, anytime.

        It’s just good info and I thought it might come in handy to someone else but me as well. How are you, how’s things going for you?

      2. That’s a loaded question isn’t it? 🙂
        Actually, I’m doing okay. Saturday relieved a lot of pressure and well, my Friday shopping trip sure didn’t hurt, lol!

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