The Flames Of Disagreement



found several writings which, upon reading them have really made me think about things. They are both dealing with the issue of a recent blow up which started with an article written by Suzanne Moore, (no relation), which caused a serious row on twitter and other points online. If you haven’t heard about it, well maybe that is best, but a little searching through WordPress or Google is bound to lead you to it.

The first is here:

The second:

I’m not going to go into my own thoughts about what happened, I think it best if each person takes the time to get the facts and form their own opinions.

2 thoughts on “The Flames Of Disagreement

  1. There should be no divisions in feminism. I fully support the trans community and always will do, but the bigotry is coming from both sides, as far as I can see. Certainly not by all ciswomen and certainly not by all transwomen, but there are a minority on both sides who have equally bigoted opinions about each other. Until those warring factions can put aside their differences, I can’t see how the two can come together and move forward?

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