Today has been one of those days when I wish I could just go to bed, pull the covers over my head and forget the whole thing happened.

However, I can’t do that no matter how much I might want to and honestly, it doesn’t accomplish anything. 


I know from personal experience how easy it is to become so wrapped up in the little things, especially when many of them seem to be negative, that we lose site of the bigger picture. In fact I fell into this trap myself again today, but unlike times past, it just took gaining some perspective to realize that others are dealing with issues much bigger, much more immediate, much more life threatening and I doubt they would appreciate or even understand someone throwing a pity party over what is really a lot of pointless crap.

Part of this comes from reading the words of others who are dealing with things I have been fortunate to avoid to this point. The loss of a marriage, of friends and family. The loss of a job or a place to live. Then there is the greatest loss of all, the loss of life.

In the face of such things, I find I can face my own little issues with a clearer perspective. 

15 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. While there are probably others in more desperate situations (I don’t know what issues were concerning you in this post) or have bigger issues than you might, you’re concerns and problems and fears are no less valid to you, then theirs are to them. I don’t know if that makes much sense–it did in my head, lol. 😀

    It’s great to put things into perspective, but just because your problems aren’t as ‘big’ as other peoples, they are still troubling you and everyone deserves to ruminate on their problems, big or small. 🙂

    1. I understood what you meant. 🙂

      And your right in that the things we each deal with are important on a personal level. I guess the point I was making was that although something may be important on a certain level, it is important to keep things in perspective and not allow the small things to overwhelm us. This is what I sometimes have a problem with and I really do need to remember that there are worse things that could happen.

  2. There are always worse things that could happen; but there are always better things that can happen, too. We say ‘why me?’ when things go wrong, but do we ask the same question when things go right?

      1. No robe, I’m a comfy sweats and heated blanket kind of girl… I do have have furry house boots though but they’re white. Lol!

        I use to have a robe but the cat thought the belt was his toy. After enough scratches on my thighs I went back to the sweats.

        Oh and an Irish coffee on those cold Winter evenings… 😉

  3. Problems, big or small, don’t get better unless we acknowledge that they’re a problem… Sometimes that acknowledgement involves calmly nodding your head and saying, “Yes, Paul-From-Work is a giant pain in the ass.” Sometimes it involves far more complex and life-altering acknowledgement and steps towards correction. Both are necessary and good and allow you to take that next deep breath and move on with dignity,

    Even stepping on Legos on the floor can be A Bit Much on a day with… we ran out of coffee, all the Pauls of the world apparently feel the need to interact with you *today*, static cling and shocking every doorknob in the world, the only pair of underwear that gives you a wedgie worn thinking they were one of the ‘good’ pairs on a day when the boss is going to be more around the office than usual, you planned to bring a sack lunch and forgot it on the counter so the dog has probably eaten your bologna sandwich, you come home starving because you forgot your lunch, one handle on your good stockpot breaking off in the middle of boiling spaghetti – and even though it fell off on the stove instead of while you were carrying it, thank goodness, it’s still going to be a pain to carry and you can’t even try to fix it ’till it’s cooled off… Um… One of those kind of days, Kira? That can make anyone want to sit down, cry a little, and punch a few pillows because it’s a relentless, endless irritation from one end of the day to the other. Don’t scold yourself – being overwhelmed by a day like that is perfectly normal.

    1. Okay, first this brought a smile because, except for the handle falling off the pot, I think I have had all those things happen.

      For me it was catching a coworker talking about me behind my back, (sorry but this woman is a total bitch), then I broke two nails, forgot to get anything out to thaw for dinner, had a ton of chores to do that no one seems capable of helping with, and then the two younger boys started fighting which lead to me having to use my “male” voice… More than once and louder each time.

      That was the final straw. I hate my voice even when I make the effort to tone down the male elements, but to have to use it on purpose… Add to that the required shift in thinking and attitude… Every time this happens I hate it a little more… hate myself for it a little more. It feels as if the more I try to untangle myself from those unwanted and unwelcome habits something happens to force me back. I want to cry but I can’t…

  4. Oh… Hugs, Kira – sounds like the day from hell. On the other hand, I can help with the ‘male voice’ thing. Every woman has that voice. Really, truly, without any “bag and baggage” involved! I have my Singing Voice – the voice that used to let the priest at the front of the cathedral hear what I was singing in the choir loft over the doors before we got a PA system… and it’s maybe feminine, but it’s not *serious*. Then I have my Drill Sergeant’s Voice… If my children don’t hear me the first time, the police station a block away will hear me when I pull that one out of my hat. And there’s the difference in how those two voices feel, too – Singing Voice is a dopamine generator, guaranteed, Drill Sergeant is adrenaline, and that makes most sane people feel like crap (I assume that even actual Drill Sergeants don’t *enjoy* bellowing at others). The fact that you’re seriously bugged that you had to use that voice on your children just proves that your sensibilities are 100% female. :c) Take it as an encouraging sign that you don’t want to bellow at your sweet babies.

    Nails – hint, hint, hint… Go get a manicure at one of those little shops, and have them put on a clear coat of acrylic over your nails (you’ll need a fill every 4 weeks or so, but it’s well worth it), then buff them to “dull sheen”. This allows you to put on any color of nail polish you want (or none at all or a clear coat) *and* makes it much less likely that you’ll break a nail. Gel nails are nice, but they’re much more expensive, they need much more upkeep (which is a pain to do yourself – acrylic you can learn to do yourself easy-peasy), and they shine no matter *what* you do to them, so there’s no way you can wear them matte unless you have them put it on clear and then cover it with a coat of clear regular polish with some cornstarch added (in short a pain in the butt) and they’re considerably thinner and peel off unlike an acrylic overlay.

    Now… as for crying – if you need to cry, you need to cry. If you need to shriek incoherently I advise a firmly-stuffed pillow so as not to frighten children and neighbors. :c)

    1. A drill sergeant voice… that sums it up nicely. Speaking of Drill Sergeants, I think your right, at least every one you see on tv or in the movies look like they ate something sour. 😛

      Nail… I did have a manicure and I let the lady talk me into the gel nails. In fact I think that was the cause of by current problems, she really thinned my nails which was okay with the heaver finish but because of cost I switched back to an acrylic clear hardener. The issue was in timing. The hardener I use is applied over four days to reach maximum protection and once that final coat is on they are quite tough. Unfortunately I broke mine on day one. Looking at it now, I’m still a little annoyed with myself for not being more careful, but I see it as a chance to make some changes to how I do them. Find the silver lining you know! 🙂

      Oh, and I know just the perfect pillow… LOL!

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