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Norovirus — what in the world? The very name strikes fear in the heart of businesses and patients alike. Recently, there have been reports of a “new strain” of norovirus, called “GII.Sydney,” becoming prominent since September 2012. What is going on? Is this some new superbug? Should we be afraid, or is it just a lot of media hype?

In essence, norovirus is the virus that has caused the “stomach flu” for years — nothing more and nothing less. There are new strains that come in waves every few years, similar to mutations in the influenza virus. Despite that, we hear much more about it in media reports. As of January 2013, there is no evidence that this Australian strain, GII.Sydney, is more aggressive or dangerous than prior strains. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 21 million cases of norovirus each year. The incubation period is…

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  1. Oh, poor you! Poor kiddos, too! Ugh. Anytime you have a house full of kids (even teenagers, trust me, I know!) anything like that is going to spread like wildfire. Rest, drink lots of fluids if you possibly can so you don’t get dehydrated. Feel better soon! Oh, and hey, I really was serious about that Very Inspirational Blogger Award – you really are an inspiration,… hope that helps when you’re feeling like crud.

    1. I think I’m over the worst of it, it’s my youngest who got the bad end of things. Like you said, lots of fluids. Thankfully he loves water so it wasn’t difficult. I just hope he is over it as well. I feel so bad for him, but of course there isn’t anything I can do no matter how much I wish I could.

      I’m going to try and get your award posted this weekend. After this week I make no promises! 🙂

    1. I had only had it once as a teen, in fact I hardly ever got sick at all. That was before the kids started bringing unwanted guests home from school! One of the pitfalls of having more than one.. once one catches something, then we all get to share… 😛

      1. That is one reason I am glad not to have any children. 😉
        I wish wellness. Did you hear about leaving bowls of onions around to absorb bacteria? They say the onions turn black and the people stay healthy.

      2. I’ve heard that, unfortunately the cat would eat anything we left out… and yeah, our cat eats onions of all things, go figure.. 😛

      3. I have wanted to… oh, how I have wanted to… but the children would be heartbroken, as they and A have reminded me more than once!

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