Playing Catchup On Award Season




I’m afraid I have fallen miles behind when it comes to posting about awards. No excuse really, just been busy with so many things, being able to acknowledge awards has slipped into the “To Do” column. Well, time to “DO”.

I’m going to start with the newest and work my way backward. If I miss anyone, then I apologize, it wasn’t intentional.


The Beautiful Blogger Award from Sea Play Photography




Also, the Shine On Award from Sylvie’s Fashion Secrets




And The Very Inspiring/Inspirational Blogger Award from Melissa Robitille and Marva Seaton




As I said, I am way behind… I also received these awards but need go them posted. My thanks and deepest apologies.

From LyannV and nutsfortreasure. The Blog of the Year



 A heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone for thinking of me of me. Over the next several days I am going to update my blogroll to provide links to each of these blogs. As for the personal information… well, I don’t have time tonight to go through everything, but if you want I can answer questions or put out something later and try and fill in the blanks. 

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