The Gatekeepers of Today Will Be the Fools of Tomorrow



The subject of boxes came up again today with the opinion given that because we are human, we need boxes. This got me to thinking, is this true? Do we, as humans, require these boxes, these labels, these means of comparing ourselves one to another? If so, what happens to those who do not fit into those predefined spaces?

Are we forever destined to be labeled “outsiders” or “other”, to be shunned because of our nonconformity?

What about those who, through much effort and sacrifice, manage to bridge the gap and move from one definition to another? Who then conform to what is demanded of those who find themselves defined by a different set of rules and obligations?

Taking the time to really ponder the situation, it quickly becomes apparent we are dealing less with boxes than we are with something closer to Russian Nesting Dolls, layer within layer. While most discussions seem to deal with broad issues of race, gender or economic status, the truth is, one can find these boundaries stretching into infinity. At what point do we find them becoming pointless and redundant? When do we find ourselves so overwhelmed by labels, expectations, and definitions we can no longer conform to them all and still say we are ourselves? 

Then there is the question of who sets these boundaries. Who writes the definitions? Who is allowed to police them, saying who meets the proscribed requirements and who does not? One can say society, through majority agreement sets them, but even looking at society as a whole, we see these definitions, labels, and expectations changing over time. Even as a collective conscience, we, as humans cannot agree to our own rules. So who can say what is thought of as taboo, strange, nonconformist, or deviant today is not going to be normal in the future? 

It was not so long ago young boys wore pink and girls wore blue and the rational given was accepted as an understood truth. There have been times throughout history in which the things we assign to one sex was accepted in the other or both. Times change, people change, and society changes with them.

The gatekeepers of today will be the fools of tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “The Gatekeepers of Today Will Be the Fools of Tomorrow

  1. The only boxes I need are the ones that hold my stuff.

    You’re right. In a generation or two, people will look back and think our attitudes toward the LGBTQ community are primitive and quaint. Here’s hoping we live long enough to see it.

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