In Need Of Education

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Unless you happen to have been living under a rock or traversing the Amazon, then odds are you have seen link after link to the story of Coy Mathis, a transgender girl who’s parents have caused a firestorm by deciding to sue her school over the decision she can no longer use the girl’s restrooms. I’m not going to get into the whole thing here, just Google her name and you will find more than enough information.

Let me just say, I was going to write a different post discussing the issue of discrimination as seen through the comment sections of any of the stories you can read, but I think this is something which makes its self clear fairly quickly. I think what  we as a community should take away from this is the need for education. Not just for educators and regulators and other public officials, but for everyone in general.

This is an issue which has been taken head on by the LGB community and we have seen a noticeable shift in public opinion. It wasn’t so long ago when being gay or lesbian was met with the same unreasoning hatred and violence as is too often reported in the Trans* community today. We cannot just sit back with our fingers crossed hoping this will just work out in the long run. As long as the bigots control the discussion nothing will change. 

The best thing to do is begin educating those around us. There is a lot of information if people know where to look. Unfortunately, it isn’t as readably available other LGB resources, but it is out there. Thankfully, many people have access to the internet and therefore we can point them to a number of sites where the information can be found.

GLADD is a good starting point.


Here are some others:

National Center For Transgender Equality



ACOG (The American Congress Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists)

APA (American Psychological Association)

8 thoughts on “In Need Of Education

  1. Just Gooeled it. Wow. Enough said. I love and support LGB as you know, but this, this is a child. Wow. Thanks for bringing this story to my attention. I will forward it on according. Hopefully we can educate people not to discrminate and hate.

    1. I agree, there is so much misinformation out there and the people who should be leading the way are either hoping it all goes away or are making it worse.

  2. I already had a good cry over this from transmans blog post. I do not watch the news, haven’t been in the Amazon, but no I had not known about this. I love that she is being supported by her parents.

    1. Sorry for the snarky attitude, when I wrote that, the first 8 out 10 stories in my News Feed were about this.
      Most of which were full of of negative remarks and replied to with even nastier comments.

      I was so disgusted, I had to say something in regards to the ignorant bigotry.

      I am very proud of this brave girl and her parents. Her for her refusal to be anything but herself and them for being willing to support her no matter what.

  3. Education is the best way certainly. Just look at politics, religion, etc; screaming at people “that’s transphobic!” etc doesn’t win people over, it’s much more likely to cement in their opinion than change it.

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