Reclaiming The Past




How many times have you looked into the past, remembering one thing after another and in the end you feel depressed? All those things gone forever from your life, all the regrets. I know I have been there, done that, could write a book on beating myself up over things. Well, enough of it I say! Today I want to dredge the depths of my memories and remember things which can still bring a smile to my face. 

So what sort of things? I’m glad you asked!

How about Saturday morning cartoons? How about your favorite television shows or music from back in the day? Maybe your most beloved clothing item or fashion statement.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s and there were a lot of fun things to remember. I also heard recently the 80s are making a comeback, not sure what it means just yet, but I can’t wait to see what kids today find interesting from the era of hair bands, leggings, and parachute pants.

It’s time for me to begin reclaiming those years. To rebuild my memories, not forgetting anything, but to put life back into perspective. Not every moment is one of pain and not every memory is linked to sadness, so why dwell on those things? Why not bring back those little things which bring a little happiness back into a cloudy day?

17 thoughts on “Reclaiming The Past

  1. That’s what I love to hear! Let’s remember the positive memories, the things that made us happy in the past, can still make us happy today! I love this post!

  2. Kira you know you and me can Rock that cut sweatshirt “Flash Dance” look with some legwarmers and a headband in our feathered shag. 😉

    Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder cats!
    He Man Master of the Universe

    OMG…Memories. I have some 80’s hair pictures that would crack you up.

    1. I thought Cheetara was so cool!

      I had the red and black MJ outfit like the one in the video on MTv, wore it every chance I could even in the Summer one year… Lucky I didn’t die from heat stroke!

      I even did some break dancing, though I’ll deny it till my dying day… Lol!


      1. I’ve gone trough a lot of pictures but I haven’t found one of me in that outfit yet. If I do, I’ll at least email it to you.

  3. Thank goodness for cable TV! Boomerang shows Scooby Doo on Saturday (and Sunday) mornings, so I’ve been happily reliving my childhood there.

    So-called 80s fashion has been making a comeback for a couple years now. Just take a walk through a womens/juniors section at any department store. Day-glo anything, off-the-shoulder shirts, and other atrocities have been appearing on the racks left and right. You’ll now it’s 80s when you see it. *shudder*

    1. I was in several stores this weekend and saw all the neon… I thought they were going to burn my eyes out! Pink. turquoise, and safety yellow… Wow!

      Well, at least parents can be sure their kids are going to be seen in the dark… in the fog… from a mile away.

  4. I have very mixed emotions about the decade of the 1980’s. On the up side, most of my favorite music and films are from the 80’s. On the downside was Reagan and George Bush, the elder.. It began with meeting and marrying my life partner and ended with myself and family moving to Santa Fe with buying our first home and having our one and only child together in between. That alone is enough to bring both joy and sorrow from the same memories.

    1. That is the way of our lives, times of happiness and sorrow, memory and regret. More then once I have heard it said there can be no good without bad, light without darkness. So it is with ourselves.

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