An Interesting Article About Richard O’Brien, Writer of The Rocky Horror Show


I believe myself probably to be about 70% male, 30% female”

Richard O’Brien

I just finished reading this BBC News article. A big thanks to Nicky for posting about this.


I remember being blown away by The Rocky Horror Picture Show the first time I went to see a live performance in Chicago back in the 80s. It was so out there, so outrageous, and so much fun, I couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. I’m sure I drove my friends crazy, but many of them went to see it as well and they all loved it too.

I never knew much about the writer, back then you couldn’t do a Google search or read everything on IMDb. It was eye opening to read about Richard O’Brien and to learn some of his thoughts and feelings regarding gender. I happen to be on the opposite side of things, seeing myself as more Female, but I can completely understand where he is coming from. As sometimes happens, I found a very real sense of validation in reading about someone who can understand what I am feeling and thinking. In knowing I truly am not alone in these things. I do hope others will read this article and have the same experience. Even knowing there are forums and chat rooms and loads of blogs which address this same issue, to be able to look at a real life figure and know they understand, even if you have never met, is a huge emotional boost.

8 thoughts on “An Interesting Article About Richard O’Brien, Writer of The Rocky Horror Show

  1. I remember being incredibly embarrassed by being at such a move the first time I saw it in 1976. Then, when I graduated from Texas A&M University and moved to Houston, one of the historic theaters started showing it as the Friday midnight movie. Dare I admit that I saw 52 consecutive Friday midnight showings, and participated in them all! Oh I was a bad boy when I got out of college……….lol

  2. Richard O’Brien is one of the great unsung heroes of music. I love Rocky Horror and it’s philosophy of “don’t dream it, be it.”

    Funny, I was looking up another artist I like for a future post. His name used to be Cindy Bullens, but as a female-to-male transperson, he recently changed his name to Cidny. He’s not really in the business anymore, but I was impressed with his story. Look him up if you get a chance.

  3. Never had thought about him. I really enjoy Rocky, the music is fantastic. At least how I’m feeling today I’ll go with 80% female.

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