A Little Honesty Here…


I was going to write a personal post, but right now I’m not in the best of places and I’m not comfortable talking about it yet, so instead I am going to do a little house cleaning and talk about the Awards I have been nominated for. Not to take anything away from the very kind people who thought of me, I do appreciate their kindness, but I just can’t continue to participate. At least not at this time.

There are things happening which are more important…

I wish I could explain. Maybe one day I will, only time will tell. As it stands, I am not comfortable trying to discuss it as I haven’t asked permission.


Kira Moore

6 thoughts on “A Little Honesty Here…

    1. I should know more Tuesday, but it may take longer to get all of the information we need. I am going to ask if I can say anything here and if I can, then I’ll post something.

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