A Memory Of The Girl In The Mirror

One of the interesting things about writing here is it gives others a small glimpse into my head. Though what appears here is much less chaotic than my thought process thanks to editing as much as my being forced to think clearly in order to get things across in a way which won’t drive people insane…

I was going to write a much longer post, but I realized I was over thinking things… not as if I haven’t been accused of that before…

Maybe it is because I am listening to Kevin Wood’s album, “Kindred” or maybe I’m just in a reflective mood; whatever the case, I was writing when a memory came to mind and for just a moment everything else was washed away and I was left with a small smile on my lips and tears in my eyes.

I saw, once again, a small child standing in front of a mirror. She was wearing her mother’s clothes and smiling ear to ear because in her reflection she saw clarity. Everything made sense. The world had come into crystal clear focus and she knew she was seeing herself as she truly was, her heart reflected in the glass.

Just a faded memory now, the true impact sanded and smoothed by the sands of time, yet the emotions, the razors edge of understanding, are as sharp now as the moment they happened.

I can see the glitter in her eye, her truth radiating out like a beacon in the night. She knows who she is and the knowledge is a physical force.

I am and will always remain that little girl…

I forgot that once….

Never again.

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