Just Another Day…

Why does this have to be so hard?

Every step has been filled with doubt and fear… I never thought life would be easy, if anyone has learned that lesson, it is me. I just wish I knew the things I have done have been right, that the things I will do will lead me down the right path. Of course there is no way to really know, is there? By the time the final judgment is made, we won’t be here to find out…

It’s hard to believe how much time as passed since I took the first steps which would lead me to where I find myself today… from a scared, confused child to a scared, confused adult…

So… in case you missed it, I’m pretty much a wreck inside. I’m having trouble sleeping, I have no appetite, I’m moody, and whenever I think about what might be in  my future, it all I can do to keep it together.

Just another day in the life…

15 thoughts on “Just Another Day…

  1. Keep going, Kira. From a child to an adult is a step, a huge one, even if you are still scared.
    Won’t you please take a moment to step aside and enjoy a lovely Easter weekend with your family you love so much! HAPPY EASTER! – Resa

    1. I am taking a breather… (see my latest post), Really there isn’t much more to do other than research until A has her appointment, and even then he may want to speak with me directly before giving any advice and I just found out my next appointment with him in May will need to be rescheduled, so I might not have any information until June. I’m not going to get myself tied into knots for all that time… what happens, happens.

    1. Thank you, I think at this point, much of my problem is with nerves. Obviously, there are things which are foremost in my thoughts, yet I cannot say I have doubts as to weather or not this is the right decision fro me at this moment.

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