Just Wanted To Share: New Music



First off, this isn’t a solicitation, just sharing a nice site I happened across and wanted to share.

If your looking for free music, check out Noisetrade. I have found quite a bit of the music I am currently listening to here. All the music is free but you can make a donation to the artists you like.

I mentioned listening to Kevin Wood, who’s album “Kindred” I found on this site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be available any more, but there are many other artists I discovered here. Here just a few.

The Oh Hellos who has the song, “Second Child, Restless Child” which I’ve been playing a lot.

Whitney Fenimore This is an EP with four songs but it will give you a taste of her music.

Also The Vespers I have two of their albums and find it to be nice music to play in the background.


I hope your interested, and if so, take a look and hopefully find something new you’ll love.

4 thoughts on “Just Wanted To Share: New Music

  1. I love your blog so I tremble when I say this, but I find the font color hard to read. It’s probably my old eyes. The white on pink font stands out but the black on pink actual text of your posts makes me go cross eyed and unfortunately sometimes I just have to give up. Darn it!

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