Plans For Today, Sat. Apr. 20, 2013

It’s been a long day already and promises to only get longer. I have to do some more clean up from the basement flood which will take up most of my afternoon. Later this morning I have therapy. I suppose I could have canceled, but I have had this scheduled for two weeks and I didn’t want to push it back any further.

The real stress test will come over the next few days as we are now under an evacuation watch due to additional flooding. It might be possible, depending on what happens, that we might lose the house. The last time there was a flood here, the house was repaired, but they are saying the levels might be even higher and if so, then there will be water in the main structure and not just the basement area as happened before. We do have insurance, though not flood insurance, since it was never required, but we might find ourselves having to make a claim based on disaster aid from the government. I’m being optimistic things won’t get to such a point, but I have to be realistic and accept the possibility exists. Needless to say, I’m worried.

At least we have today and probably tomorrow to get ready if we do need to leave. We are making arrangements to stay with A’s parents, so we do have a place to stay, if needed. 

I am planning on writing about todays therapy session provided nothing else happens. At the least,  I will make sure to keep you updated on what is happening.

12 thoughts on “Plans For Today, Sat. Apr. 20, 2013

  1. Oh dear. Hope that the flooding situation doesn’t get to that level.
    I have cleared out my basement & now have a dehumidifier on OT to take care of the rest. Looks like no rain in our forecast. So – that should be helpful too.

    1. If things go as forecast, there’s a good chance we’re going to have water. We won’t know anything more until tomorrow or Monday, but we’re preparing for the worst.

  2. Kira,
    My sincerest best wishes and heartfelt prayers for you and your family in this time of turmoil.

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