Another Day, More To Think About

The good news is there really is no news. No weather at the moment, no rushing flood waters. In fact, the new crest  forecasted has been lowered a half foot. Still a record, but it’s surprising how much relief such a small difference can bring. We are still going to need to be on alert in case anything unexpected happens, but I will feel a little better going to work tonight.

Maybe it’s the added stress of the past few days, but I have some issues mostly having to do with body image but also with my general presentation. It isn’t a major problem, just a constant, nagging discomfort at the edge of my thoughts. I hate to talk about these sort of things because I feel as if I am complaining just to be complaining, even though I know I’m not. I guess if it is enough for me to be concerned then I need to pay attention to what I am feeling. Odds are this will pass once things have settled down again and by the time I go back for my next therapy session it will be nothing more than a distant memory… at least I hope so.

Now that I think about it, maybe part of the concern I feel is the question of if this has anything to do with the antidepressant I’m on. I know there are possible side effects and I can’t help but wonder if this is part of it. As I write this, A is still at work so I’ll talk to her this evening and see what she thinks. She is more familiar with this than I am. If something unusual comes up I’ll do an update.

Okay, talked with A, there are some minor things I am now aware of which, while not a call for immediate action, are things I will need to keep an eye on. Tiredness, nausea, trouble sleeping, and the slight dysphoria. Everything has been pretty minor so far, but now e are aware of the  issues and will take steps as needed. If anything changes I will be sure to let you know.

6 thoughts on “Another Day, More To Think About

  1. In my experiences I had to go through 5 or so meds to get the right one due to side effects. Viibryd so far had zero effects compared to other big names out there. Consulting to the prescriber is the best choice you are doing. Also have to note to be precise with dose times. What I noticed with taking with food at exact times, its all good. When I end up varied without food I get strange mood dips.

    Glad to hear you are working actively to get the ducks in the row as its not walk in the park. I acknowledge your strength in the challenges presented. I would recommend that you have to appreciate your image before expecting others to like yours. I know that we have trouble in that department because what we would like to look like doesn’t come out as expected via mental images.

    Appreciate your body in things you cannot change such as but not limited to the strong bone structure your are working with, strength to and height to complete tasks some biological women cannot do, etc. There are many parts of the body we cannot change and in the transitional times we have to re-include those parts in the new self appreciation of the target goal self.

    I used to hate being 5’10 because simple heels would make me too tall. Then I come to find that tall women have pulled off elegant looks. Therefore as they have worked with what they got, you have to as well. Once you love yourself more, you will come to find people will be drawn into you. When you are comfortable with yourself, others will enjoy being around you more. I am sure some of these are true for your, I am not precisely sure.

    These are just a couple points I would like to share for some morale support. Sending some positive energy your way sister. Love yourself first/then others and enjoy life. That’s all that matters in this short life. Spend too much time worrying is time lost.

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