Things Are Looking Better

So far, so good. The local river levels have remained steady over night and throughout the day. The city is looking into the time table for lifting the evac watch. It has been raining here, but it is light and isn’t expected to affect anything seriously, which is welcome news. The extended forecast is for dryer and warmer weather toward the end of the week. I’m not going to say we are out of the woods yet, but things are looking better.

On the personal front, my main issue has been a lack of creativity. Maybe it’s the stress of the past week or the problems with sleeping, but I just haven’t been able to write anything decent. I am going to try and get more rest and I need to look into some stress relief exercises. I love being able to write and I miss not being able to share my work with others. I know this will pass and so I have something to look forward to.

Well, speaking of needing more rest, I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, so I’ll bring this to a close and wish everyone a good night.


8 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Better

  1. Kira, How I relate to your love of writing. Breathing and writing — both sustain me…in different ways. We will continue to hold you in our best thoughts for an end to the flood danger.


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