Using Images Found Online

Yellow Flowers

To begin, I have decided to delete the majority of images from this blog and replace them with copyright free or creative commons images with the exception of photos which I have taken myself (such as the one above). I have been blogging every day for about a year and a half, with over a thousand posts, so it is going to take a little time to edit everything but it will be done. Before I go into the reasons why, I suggest you read the following first: Right-clicking Images from Websites, Pinterest and Google. It is an excellent argument for not using possibly copyrighted material even if it is for personal, non-commercial, use.

I have been an artist since I was a child, drawing, painting, taking photographs, as well as writing poetry and short stories. Though I’m not published or have ever had a show, I have sold some things and given away others and I can understand not wanting ones work passed around the world without so much as a by your leave. Which is why I had thought I was doing the right thing by using what I believed were free images, but now I am not so certain and instead of taking a chance of using someone work without permission or attribution, I am going to either replace images or go without.

This is much the same as only downloading music made freely available by the artist or through iTunes. Just because I cannot afford to pay for such things, it doesn’t mean I should just take what I want. There are too many alternatives available if your willing to look for them.

Here are some examples I found:







There is a lot more out there to find, take the time and see what you stumble across.

4 thoughts on “Using Images Found Online

  1. As a keen photographer myself Kira, thank you very much for posting this. If someone asks me for a pic, I usually don’t mind allowing it, but it annoys me when people think they can just take without asking. I also once had a magazine steal one of my pics without asking me first or paying me for the privilege.


    Xandra xxx

    1. It happens every day, sometimes because of ignorance but sometimes a person just doesn’t care. The web is the Wild West and anything goes…
      As for the magazine, I have heard other stories about stolen images, either just taken off line or commissioned and never paid for. Sadly it is often more expensive to sue for infringement than it’s worth and so they get away with it.



  2. your kind and considerate post reflects a very brave woman with a huge heart. looking for just the right image to pair with your words is a difficult task, and now you are going to go back and replace the ones that you selected.

    my heart goes out to you, and you’ve earned my instant respect. you are surely one of the good people on this planet, and we need more like you!

    may you continue to shine, and may others light their candle from yours.


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