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I was working on a post about the issues we see with news reports involving Transgender people and issues. I spent considerable time doing Google searches which pretty much ran me around in circles with outdated links and online stories. I finally located the website for the AP Stylebook  which touts itself as ‘The Journalist’s Bible, Wherever You Are.’ Unfortunately, the only way to view it is to purchase it first, which while completely understandable, also means I can’t gain access to it at the moment as I was told “there are other things we need to worry about.”

After looking at the prices, I can say they are more reasonable than I anticipated. However, being a poor working slob who can’t write this off on my taxes as a professional expense, I’m going to have to wait until I can set the money back to buy it, which means I cannot really speak to what they recommend.

If anyone happens to own a copy of the 2013 AP Stylebook and can comment on what they suggest, I would greatly appreciate your input. 

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