Transgender Woman Dies After Assault in Harlem: Police

As if the death of one Transwoman wasn’t one too many, we have this out of New York.

The 21-year-old woman was apparently assaulted after the suspect learned she was transgender.



The death of a transgendered woman who was assaulted by a group of men in Harlem Saturday night has been ruled a homicide and is being investigated as a possible hate crime, police say. 

The 21-year-old woman, Islan Nettles, died of blunt impact injuries to the head, the medical examiner’s office determined Friday.

UPDATE: Search Continues For Suspects In Transgender Woman’s Murder

FONTANA ( — San Bernardino County detectives are searching for two suspects in the murder of a transgender woman in Fontana.

Domonique Newburn was found Tuesday beaten to death in her apartment in the 7900 block of Bennett Avenue.

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For Those Reporting On Transgender People In The News

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Thanks to Chelsea Manning, the subject of how to properly refer to Trans* people when reporting the news is its self news. MediaMatters has an article written by Joe Strupp titled, “News Outlets’ Misgendering Of Private Manning Draws Criticism” which points out the problems news organizations and reporters in general are having when writing about Transgender people. 

In many ways having this discussion now is a good thing. As time goes on and more people decide to come out publicly, (as well as the many tragic stories about crimes against Trans* people), there needs to be an effort made towards polite, respectful reporting which is consistent across all forms of journalism, news sites, blogs, and print. By setting standards now it is possible to lay the groundwork for accurate information being passed to the public. It sets a new background from which to go forward and have the conversations which are going to be required for Trans* people to receive equal rights and respect in a bi-gender society which until now has been unable or unwilling to accept the reality of our existence.

It is clear there are going to be those who will seek to be deliberately cruel, who will attack what they do not understand, using any means at their disposal, including language. Yet, just as we have seen with the gay community, time will show such individuals for what they are and their hatred will be viewed with the scorn it deserves.


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UPDATE: Teen Sought in Murder of Domonique Newburn

Dantjier powell


Dantiier Powell may be trying to leave the state, possibly by bus, police said.

Powell was described as black, 5 foot 8 inches tall, 155 pounds with an average build and dark complexion.

He was believed to be traveling with 25-year-old Jamie Nicole Cotton, of Highland.

Powell was being sought in the murder of Domonique Newburn.

According to friends, Newburn was a transgender woman.

Several years ago, she participated in a reality show that documented her life, her relationships and her struggles.

Friends and family held a vigil on Wednesday night to remember Newburn.

“As a transgender woman myself, it’s not fair,” said Isabel Ramirez.

“I would have friends or sisters who don’t really have to worry about the things I have to worry about, and in so many ways it’s just scary,” she said.

The 31-year-old’s body was discovered Tuesday in her apartment by officers responding to a report of a disturbance in the 7900 block of Bennet Avenue.

When officers arrived, they found the front door of the apartment unlocked, police said.

Officers entered and found Newburn’s body in the living room near a window.

Investigators said they believed she may have been trying to escape through the window.

Newburn had sustained trauma, according to coroner’s officials. An autopsy was expected to be performed to determine the cause of death.

Neighbors told police they witnessed a man leaving the home in the victim’s black Mercedes which was later found at a San Bernarino Park.

The man was also seen taking clothes and a computer from the home.

Investigators had not yet determined a motive in the case.

Anyone with information was asked to contact the Fontana Police Department at (909)356-TIPS.


In The News

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I was working on a post about the issues we see with news reports involving Transgender people and issues. I spent considerable time doing Google searches which pretty much ran me around in circles with outdated links and online stories. I finally located the website for the AP Stylebook  which touts itself as ‘The Journalist’s Bible, Wherever You Are.’ Unfortunately, the only way to view it is to purchase it first, which while completely understandable, also means I can’t gain access to it at the moment as I was told “there are other things we need to worry about.”

After looking at the prices, I can say they are more reasonable than I anticipated. However, being a poor working slob who can’t write this off on my taxes as a professional expense, I’m going to have to wait until I can set the money back to buy it, which means I cannot really speak to what they recommend.

If anyone happens to own a copy of the 2013 AP Stylebook and can comment on what they suggest, I would greatly appreciate your input. 

UPDATE: Stolen Car Belonging to Murdered Reality Show Star Found

A 2004 Mercedes belonging to the victim, Domonique Newburn, was found at Perris Hill Park, according to Fontana police.

The car appeared to have been at the park for some time, police said.


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Transgender Domonique Newburn of ‘Hollywood Houseboys’ found murdered

Witnesses reported seeing a man leave the residence in the victim’s Mercedes Benz.

Domonique NewbernX400

Both CBS Los Angels and NBC Los Angels are reporting the death of Domonique Newburn who was on the YouTube reality show ‘Hollywood Houseboys.’

The body of Domonique Newburn was found around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at a complex in the 7900 block of Bennett Avenue, Fontana police said.

“Officers arrived, noticed some suspicious evidence, blood on the porch of the location,” Det. Rich Hunt said.

The unit’s front door was open and officers discovered the 32-year-old dead in the main living area, Hunt said.

Newburn had “sustained trauma and was pronounced dead at 4:38 p.m.,” the San Bernardino County Coroner said.

The victim’s cause of death was unknown.

Neighbors say they only knew Newburn as a woman.

“She was very quiet, very nice and you just would never have thought something like this would happen,” neighbor Ronald Jackson said.

Newburn also starred in the YouTube series, Hollywood House Boys, a show about gay and transgender friends where she was described as an aspiring actress who was undergoing gender reassignment.

Witnesses told police that they saw a bare-chested man leaving the apartment in what was believed to be Newburn’s vehicle.

The car is described as a black, four-door 2004 Mercedes C240 sedan with the California license plate 7AAY925.

The suspect was described as Black, in his late 20s to early 30s, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with an average build.

Anyone with information should contact the Fontana Police Department.


UPDATE: Cause of death is being reported as blunt force trauma. Also, police have not yet determined if this was a hate crime.