Trending Transgender News Stories

H. Adam Ackley, Transgender Theology Professor, Asked To Leave California’s Azusa Pacific University


Islan Nettles Murder Case Becomes Increasingly Complicated As Investigators Appeal To Public


Cassidy Lynn Campbell, Transgender Homecoming Queen, Says She’s Been Targeted By Bullies In Tearful Video


10 thoughts on “Trending Transgender News Stories

  1. OMG Kira~ I went to watch the video on the Homecoming Queen but ended up seeing the speech by Lana Wachowski, how totally wonderful and interesting she is. It is truly a fortunate and exciting time for you to be transgender. I just fell in love with her. Thanks for sharing the link.

      1. I didn’t see a link to anything about Lana, but I did watch the video of her receiving her award and her acceptance speech, which was very powerful and moving.

      2. I wonder if it brings up random video and I see the same thing because it’s what played the first time?

        In any case, Lana’s story is full of promise while Cassidy’s video is heartbreaking. Both have a powerful and important messages for all of us.

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