Best-selling author Tom Clancy has died at age 66

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 I have had the pleasure of reading the works of many wonderful writers over the years and Mr. Clancy’s novels were something I always looked forward to. They were guaranteed to be must reads on my annual reading list and I made a point of looking for his work whenever I was in a store with even a small selection of books.

Many stories have been written giving the details of his career, the best selling books, movie adaptations, and video games. They speak of his education and about where he lived and I suppose all of these things are important to his readers, though I’m sure most have read the bio on his books or looked them up on Wikipedia. What they didn’t mention was the way he was able to weave a story, filled with believable and often unforgettable characters, together with muscle tensing excitement to create a world which could draw you in effortlessly and leave you sad to walk away from. This, to me, is what sets great storytellers apart from good ones and Mr. Clancy was one of the best. 

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